Redemptive Compassion Study Guide

Redemptive Compassion® is a study guide offering a biblical perspective on how the Church is called to wholistically help people in need. Thirty different concepts explore how God has called us to love and serve our neighbors. We call it the “heart” of the series.

The second printing now includes the contents of The Wagon Principle booklet, which uses a simple analogy of a covered wagon to practically explain how to offer biblical wholistic help. The four wheels of a wagon are compared to four main areas of any life:  spiritual, emotional, relational, and material. This piece is called the “hands and feet” of the series as it offers three practical steps that can be applied by anyone seeking to help someone.

This study guide is a great educational resource for individuals, groups, and churches to use as they work through how to live out the second greatest commandment in the Bible.  If you find the following questions unsettling, Redemptive Compassion is for you.

  • Why do so many of the commonly-used methods seem so ineffective in reducing or alleviating ongoing need?
  • Why have good intentions to help others produced such devastating results?
  • Is the crippling lifestyle in which thousands of individuals find themselves trapped all that God desires for them?

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