Redemptive Compassion Toolkit

The Redemptive Compassion® Toolkit contains the four suggested pieces a person would use to lead an effective group study on wholistic help, including:

  1. Redemptive Compassion Training DVD – Formatted to accompany the use of the study guide, the DVD includes short segments recorded from a live classroom presentation featuring the author, Lois Tupyi, in which she adds further insight and philosophy for each week’s study.  The complex issues surrounding situational and generational poverty are explored in an attempt to help others offer a hand-up, not just a hand-out. Called the “head” of the series, this piece challenges the traditional methods of how to help others and encourages a Christ-centered approach which deals with the whole person and not just their need.
  2. Leader’s Guide – This guide is formatted for an eight-week study and gives the group leader a suggested structure for each week, a weekly message from the author to share with the group, and group discussion questions.
  3. Student handout PDF disk – This CD contains the materials to be printed and given to class participants during each week of the study.

It is recommended that additional copies of Redemptive Compassion be purchased for class participants.

The full Toolkit is available for $50 + $8 shipping and handling.  Individual component pricing is also available.  Order here.